Mountain Coats

Mountain Coats

If you’re planning to challenge yourself to reach the summit of a mountain, it’s important that you pack the right kind of kit and wear the right kind of outdoor clothing. Our range of mountain coats and hill walking jackets from in-house brand Simond is ideal for changeable mountain weather.

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What Makes a Good Mountain Coat?

When you’re out in the hills or the mountains, you need a jacket that will protect you from the elements without hindering your movement, and without making you feel uncomfortable doing it.

Our range of mountain coats and hill walking jackets have an athletic, pre-shaped cut which means that they’re not baggy and flapping around in the wind, but it also means that the jackets are built to move how you move. This is to make sure your jacket doesn’t hold you back as you traverse over rugged terrain. Mountain jackets should also be relatively lightweight and packable. They may well spend a lot of time stuffed into your rucksack, and that is fine but the jacket needs to perform when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Here you’ll find a variety of waterproof jackets and softshell jackets designed specifically for exploring and adventure. Each product goes into detail about breathability and water resistance so you can be sure to make the right choice for what you need.

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