Head Torches

Head Torches

A head torch is a great way to get some hands free light on your next hike. Whether you’re rambling across moorland or walking your dog in your local park, it’s a good idea to have a source of light in case it drops dark. A head torch will help with visibility while keeping your hands free to hold your dog or your poles.

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80 Lumen Battery-Operated Head Lamp - Blue
80 Lumen Battery-Operated Head Lamp - Blue

80 Lumen Battery-Operated Head Lamp - Blue

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What to Look For in a Head Torch

There are plenty of head torches to choose from, but how do you know which are the right torches for you? Well, there are additional settings and features to look out for that might be more beneficial depending on your chosen activity. Here are some of the head torch features to look out for:

  • Strap - How it fits your head can differ whether it’s a strap that goes around the head, or features a strap that also has an overhead section too. Those that fit over the head are often more stable and better for runners, while around the head strap is more than fine for walking.
  • Lumens - Torch is light is measured in lumens, the higher the lumen rating the brighter the torch. Not everyone needs a bright torch, and to be honest those walking with you likely won’t thank you for dazzling them with a bright head torch light.
  • Light setting - Many headtorches will feature different light settings such as dim, bright, flashing and in some cases a red light feature. The red light is good for use at night when you don’t want to dazzle those around you, while still being able to light up the area.

One of the reasons that people may find head torches more useful than a standard hiking torch is that it means that both of your hands remain free so you can continue to use your walking map, your walking poles etc without having to hold your light.

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