Fleece Jackets and Jumpers

Fleece Jackets & Jumpers

When the weather turns colder, there’s nothing quite like the warming feeling of fleece. Decathlon’s range of fleeces are available in mens, womens and kids sizes and in a variety of styles, so if you’re looking for a fleece jacket, a fleece half-zip or a fleece jumper, there’s something for you in our range.

How to choose your hiking fleece

How to choose your hiking fleece

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The Importance of a Fleece Midlayer

Fleeces have long been a favourite for fans of the outdoors because they’re comfortable and warming. Fleeces are easy to wear whether you’re our trekking or lounging around the house, but they also play an important part in the outdoor layering system.

The outdoor layering system is the theory that if you match up a breathable base layer top, with an insulating midlayer and a protective outer layer then you’re as prepared as you can be for the outdoors. A fleece jacket or fleece half-zip sits perfectly over a wicking t-tshirt to help keep some of your body warmth in place, while your hiking jacket outer layer will protect you from the adverse weather around you.

At Decathlon you’ll find warming fleece jackets, half-zips and jumpers for the whole family. Available in a range of styles in mens, womens and kids sizes and all offering fantastic value for money.

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