Drink Bottles

Drink Bottles

Staying hydrated when you’re out walking is important for your health and this importance is only magnified on warm-weather hikes. A hiking water bottle will usually be able to attach to your rucksack via a carabiner, a loop or simply in the side pockets of the bag. Taking regular drinks breaks stops you from feeling dizzy and dehydrated.

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Reusable Drinks Bottles

Protecting the environment starts by making small changes such as using reusable water bottles instead of disposable ones. In the Decathlon range, you’ll find plenty of BPA free drinks bottles to choose from ranging from 400ml through to 1.5L size hiking water bottles so there is no reason to forget yours on your next trip. If you want to take something extra on your walk, our range of vacuum flasks are ideal for hot tea, hot chocolate or soup for when you reach that chilly summit.

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