Base Layers

Base Layers

Base layers are an important part of the outdoor layering system. The layer you wear next to your skin should be lightweight and breathable. Whether you’re wearing a wicking base layer or a thermal base layer, this part of your clothing is the key to your comfort when outdoors.

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Layer Up

The outdoor layering system is based on the theory that it’s easier to layer up or layer down than it is to simply wear something that is thick. The base layer of this system is there to help regulate your body temperature and handle the moisture from your body. Breathable base layers help to move that moisture to keep you dry and cool/warm.

Base layers should be worn underneath an insulating midlayer such as a fleece jacket, and in adverse conditions, you can wear a protective layer over that such as a waterproof jacket. In our range, you’ll find base layer tops and bottoms for men, women and kids.

At Decathlon we stock a range of merino wool base layers. Merino wool is a very fine, very soft wool that is naturally very breathable, lightweight and even has antibacterial properties. Merino wool is the perfect material for an outdoor baselayer as its structure means that it manages body heat perfectly.

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