60L and Large Backpacks

60L & Large Backpacks

A 60l backpack is ideal for those heading out into the wilderness for a few days, or for backpacking across Europe. Chunky shoulder straps and a padded hip belt make carrying a heavy load more comfortable, and handy pockets allow you to organise all your belongings.

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A big adventure calls for a big rucksack, and 60+ litre rucksacks are amongst the largest available. A 60 or 70 litre backpack is perfect for backpacking, camping, or for expeditions such as The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. But you can also get 100 and 120 litre backpacks too.

Large backpacks have a padded hip belt and chunky shoulder straps for comfort and to help to distribute a heavy load. You'll have the benefit of a large main compartment as well as lots of internal and external pockets for storing all your gear. Many large backpacks also often have external straps and buckles so you can strap a backpacking tent or a sleeping bag to the outside of your bag.


Women's-specific backpacks are available, with a slightly different shape and size to a men's backpack. The hip straps on a women’s pack tend to sit a little higher which takes into account body shape differences, and the backs on women’s packs are shorter. Women’s rucksacks also have more rounded ‘S’ shaped straps, whereas men’s are more parallel.

When choosing a large backpack, whether you go for a women's-specific design or not, the main thing is to ensure that it fits you correctly to give you maximum comfort and to avoid injury.


Whether you're looking for a big rucksack for a few days away or a large laptop bag for work, we have lots of bags to choose from. A large black backpack is super versatile and can be taken anywhere and used for all sorts of occasions. Or choose something a little more vibrant so your baggage stands out at the airport. Or why not invest in a brightly coloured backpack rain cover to help your bag stand out from the crowd, while also providing excellent rain protection when you're out and about. And a padlock to keep your belongings safe.

A large laptop bag is practical yet stylish - smart enough for work, and big enough for everything you need for the office. They also feature a padded sleeve to protect your laptop from impact.

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