Hiking Gear and Equipment

Hiking Gear & Equipment

When it comes to hiking, preparation is key. The right clothing will help protect you from the weather, but the right hiking gear will ensure that you’re properly prepared for every eventuality. At Decathlon we’ve got a great range of affordable walking equipment such as maps, torches, water bottles and more to make sure you’re fulled prepared.

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Most Mountain Rescue call outs are down to ill-preparation and one of the areas we fail to prepare on the most is knowing out route. Navigation is a key skill for the outdoors. These days you can have full GB mapping in the palm of your hand thanks to a walking GPS, but it’s a good idea to take an OS map and compass with you in case your battery runs out. Basic map reading skills are incredibly important and can help get you back on the right track when lost.


Whether you’re lost, or you’ve misjudged the time of sunset, walking in the dog can be scary and when you’re out in the pitch black it can also be dangerous to not be able to see your footing. Therefore it’s always a good idea to have a walking torch or head torch in your backpack just in case. Not only can it light the way, but it’s also a great way to signal for help.


Hydration is key when being active, so it’s a good idea to make sure you take enough water with you for your walk, especially on hot days. We’ve got a range of reusable drinks bottles available, as well as vacuum flasks for that summit cup of tea. If you’re heading backpacking it’s a good idea to take water purification tablets to ensure you’re drinking clean water.

Walking Equipment

As well as those essential bits of hiking gear, we’ve also got a range of walking equipment extras like walking poles, walkie talkies and the increasingly important solar charger to make sure that your phone battery doesn’t die in the middle of nowhere.

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