Football Goals

Football Goals

From a mini football goal perfect for a small garden or a larger football net to help practice your spectacular diving saves, our range of football goals and target nets has everything you need to practice sticking the ball in the goal.

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Football for beginners. How do I get started?

Football for beginners. How do I get started?

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If you like football, you like to score goals. That’s what every player wants to do, with the exception of goalkeepers who want the opposite. Either way, football nets are a key piece of football equipment to help practice shooting, scoring and saving the football. No longer do you need to use jumpers for goalpost or kick the ball against the wall, our range of football nets at Decathlon includes goals of all sizes from kids football goals for those starting out, to larger frames with target nets to help improve your accuracy.

Along with football net and frame sets which come as a complete package you can also buy football nets on their own to attach to your own frame, if you have one. Replacing the net will need to be done over time as the net will eventually get frayed and maybe break, especially if the goal is left outside in all weathers.

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