Football Boot Studs and Laces

Football Boot Studs & Laces

Whatever style of football boots you play in, from the latest moulded sole, sock-ankle professional line to the evergreen metal-studded black boot; you will need laces or studs. When looking for replacements, we’ve got you covered.

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How to choose your football boots?

How to choose your football boots?

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If you’ve had the same pair of studded boots for years you will need to replace the studs every now and then as the threads get worn and they can get damaged, making them dangerous to play in. This means that studded, soft ground football boots can last a lot longer than their moulded sole counterparts, even if they don’t look as flashy or exciting design wise. In order to replace your studs you will usually need a stud key. These will come with most pairs of boots but if you are on your second or third pair of studs, the likelihood is that the original stud key is long lost in some forgotten kit bag. Luckily we have stud keys to fit the majority of stud styles.

Laces are useful for one thing: keeping your football foot on your foot. They come in a wide rage of colours and styles, from stand-out luminous to more understated and functional black; but they will all make sure that you don’t need to worry about losing your boots in even the soggiest of Sunday league matches. Make your boots last longer with our range of replacement studs and laces.

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