Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines offer a fantastic full-body workout with minimal impact on your joints. A rower will work your arms, back, core and glutes and working big muscle groups is a great way to burn calories quicker.

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The full-body workout of a rowing machine makes them one of the best cardio machines that you can buy. At Decathlon you’ll find a range of rowing machines to suit a variety of budgets. If you’re looking to buy a rowing machine online, it’s important to check the dimensions of your chosen machine and make sure that you have space in your home. The nature of a rowing machine means that you’ll be sliding back and forth and you’ll need a good amount of space to do this and make sure you’re not catching your arms or legs on nearby furniture.

In our range you’ll find options from classic style rowing machines through to Concept 2 rowers which are popular in professional gym setups.

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