Elliptical and Cross Trainers

Elliptical & Cross Trainers

Cross-trainers are the perfect piece of equipment for those who want a cardio workout that won’t add impact to their knee and ankle joints. A cross trainer isn’t just a leg workout, if you give it your all the motion will give you a full-body workout.

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How to choose your elliptical & cross trainer?

How to choose your elliptical & cross trainer?

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Cross Trainers (also known as an X-trainer or elliptical machine) are popular in the gym and at home, because unlike a treadmill, on a cross-trainer, you can go entirely at your own pace which makes them feel more accessible. On a cross trainer, rather than speeding up the machine to make things more difficult, you add resistance instead to help burn more calories. That difference makes the cross trainer a popular choice regardless of what fitness level you’re currently at.

The range of cross trainers available at Decathlon is suitable for all budgets, from our low-cost EL 100 through to our gym-ready ACT Commercial Cross Trainer from NORDICTRACK. Track your calories burned and your heart rate to keep in time with your fitness goals.

If you’re unsure about a cross-trainer and want something you feel more comfortable with, our range of exercise bikes also provide a fantastic low-impact calories burn.

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