Cross-training combines different exercises alongside your regular routine to help train a wider range of muscle groups. Add some weight training alongside your cardio, or train your upper body on a rowing machine.

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Hex Dumbbell 15 kg
Hex Dumbbell 15 kg
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Cross training doesn’t need to be complicated, it can be as simple as adding weights training alongside your running routine. The main benefit being that your muscles won’t tire as easily from the same exercises, which prevents fatigue and possible injury. Cross training equipment doesn’t need to be complicated either, a set of dumbbells can go a long way for your home workout routine, and resitance bands are compact and easy to store, for those that don’t have much space to work with.

Calisthenics is another popular workout method that utilises the body’s weight with gravity for strength training. Difficult for beginners but highly effective for strength training, calisthenics equipment consists of bars such as pull up bars and dip bars, that give you the freedom to pull or dip against your own body weight, or add in weights for extra resistance.

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