Hockey Shin Pads

Hockey Shin Pads

With a hard ball and stick flying around you need to protect your legs! Hockey shin pads are very different to football shin pads so don't be tempted to make do with ones you already have, and make sure your shin pads reach just below your knee as the lower leg counts as a foot in hockey.

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It's the shins that can really suffer

Hockey shin pads offer a different level of protection to football shin guards. Ours are designed to protect from the impact of a hard hockey ball travelling up to 140 kmh.

Beginners, particularly kids and juniors, prefer straps to hold it in place and reduce the risk of losing the shin guard. More advanced players want ergonomically shaped guards to suit channelling.

Our selection of Adidas, Grays and Korok hockey shin pads means that we cater for all levels of ability. Also shop for hockey mouthguards at Decathlon.

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