Women's Electric Bikes

Women's Electric Bikes

Searching for a women’s electric bike? Our light and powerful range is just for you, with well-known brands like Elops, Riverside, Btwin and Rockrider featuring. Whether you enjoy riding on the road, or on forest trails, choosing the right e-bike for you is essential.

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A fast-growing market, e-bikes are here to stay. Electric bikes are like standard ones, except they’re fitted with an inbuilt electric motor for added propulsion and have rechargeable batteries (usually concealed in the frame’s tubing). With advances in technology, they’re lighter and more powerful than ever.


Blending two or more bike types, electric hybrid bikes for women come with a host of advantages, including versatility as your cycling needs change and a lower initial cost because you’re only buying one bike instead of two or more. What else? Electric hybrid bikes have wider tyres, they ride well on the road as well as off-road, and with bigger seats, they’re comfy.


If you’re looking to cycle with less fatigue, our women’s electric mountain bikes are worth considering. With features ranging from a long battery life, lightweight frames and start/stop motors that only run when you pedal, you can forge ahead with a ride even when your body is less willing. Wherever you ride, be it on forest trails or gnarly downhill terrain, choosing the right e-mountain bike is vital, if you want to get the most enjoyment out of your rides.

We know electric isn’t for everyone, so if you’re nodding your head as you read this, head to our all women's bikes page. For your jersey, shorts and jacket needs, check out our women’s cycling clothes. And if it’s headgear you’re after, it’s all about our bike helmets section. Meanwhile, over on cycling accessories, you’ll find the likes of water bottles, locks and phone holders.

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