Seat Posts and Seat Clamps

Seatposts & Seat Clamps

Shop seatposts and clamps here including dropper posts, fixed and suspension posts. We stock a wide range of materials & sizes and are always happy to help guide you to the right one. We can even fit it in-store.

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Seat posts come in a range of different sizes, materials and styles. One of the most popular are dropper posts. These allow the height of the seat to be easily and quickly adjusted using a lever. Most of our fixed seat posts are compatible with easy release clamps that turn them into dropper posts. The clamps have a lever that can be used to adjust the height of the post quickly and simply.

Suspension seatposts are ideal for mountain bikes or hybrid bikes. They absorb some of the shock for a more comfortable and controlled ride.

Be sure to check that your seat post is compatible with your bike seat to ensure it can be attached easily to your bike.

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