Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid bike is the middle ground between a speedy road bike and a rugged mountain bike. They’re built to tackle varying terrain and are perfect for day to day use. In our range you’ll find men’s hybrid bikes and women’s hybrid bikes to choose from.

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Hybrid Bikes for Men

A hybrid bicycle can go from town to trail with ease. Quicker over tarmac than a mountain bike, but far easier to take off-road than a road bike, a hybrid bike is a true all-rounder, making them ideal for your daily commute but fun enough to give you something to enjoy on weekend bike rides. We have a range of bikes for men to choose from.

Hybrid Ladies Bike

We have various models of hybrid bikes for women, featuring lowered crossbars, baskets and more comfortable upright riding positions. Not sure if the hybrid bike is for you? Have a look at our All Road Bikes or All Mountain Bikes pages and see if there's something that's more suitable for the rides you plan to take or adventures you intend to go on!

Lightweight Hybrid Bikes

With lightweight alloy frames or carbon hybrid bikes, you can get the most out of on-road and off-road rides without a heavy bike to manoeuvre and store at home or in the office.

As well as lightweight bikes you might want to consider some lightweight cycling clothing to wear whilst you commute or hurtle through the woods of your hybrid cycle. Not confident about the British weather? Check out all cycling clothing to be prepared for whatever happens.

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