Gravel and Touring Bikes

Gravel & Touring Bikes

Touring bikes & gravel bikes, or ‘all-road’ bikes as they’re sometimes known are drop bar bikes that offer a more forgiving ride than a standard road bike. They’re ideal for commuting or longer road rides.

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Originating from the American Midwest’s popular gravel road races, gravel bikes tackle a variety of surfaces with support from wider tyres and wider ranged gearing. This makes gravel bikes a versatile option and a great choice for all but the fastest road riding.

We have a varied range of bikes at Decathlon to suit different budgets and requirements, including both mens & womens gravel bikes in various sizes and design options.

Ready to take on the great outdoors? Shop our range of gravel bikes online or try them for yourself in your local Decathlon store. Have a need for speed? Check out our performance road bikes, or view all road bikes.

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