GPS and Cycle Computers

Cycle Computers

Take the best route and don’t get lost with our range of cycling computers and biking gps systems. Track your speed, distance and progress on each route and track your progress over time. With various bike computer models available, find the one for you.

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How to choose your cycling computer?

How to choose your cycling computer?

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Bike Computers

You don’t have to be a tech expert to track your progress while you cycle. Our range of cyclometer, bike speedometer, odometer and biking GPS systems are designed to be easy to use and helpful for all cyclists looking to monitor their progress as they ride.

Whether you want a wireless bike computer to ride outside of a spin bike computer for indoor pursuits we have a range to choose from. Popular products are the SKS and Garmin bike computers.

Look for waterproof models that resist wet and rainy weather so you can get out on your bike all year round. Other items you may want to consider for such trips arebike phone mounts, bike lights and bike locks.

If you might be taking some little ones with you on your ride then take a look at our kids bike accessories.

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