The derailleur moves your bike's chain through the sprockets, changing gears. You have two on your bike (back and front), and they're very important! Keep it clean to ensure longevity and repair it as soon as you notice a problem.

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A bike derailleur is an important feature in any geared bicycle. It has sprockets of different sizes and a mechanism that shifts the chain between different sprockets to create a gear shift. If you need a replacement derailleur gear system, be sure to note whether your new derailleur is for the front or back to ensure it will fit your bike.

We have derailleurs to suit a range of budgets - from simple options with fewer gears, suited to occasional cyclists, right up to high speed models from top brands including Sram and Shimano.

If you’re replacing your derailleur, you might want to explore our derailleur hangers or our gear shifters to ensure your gear system works perfectly.

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