D Locks

D Locks

Shop our range of strong and secure bike D locks here. Available in a range of sizes and security ratings to suit any bike, D-locks offer peace of mind that your bike is safe and secure. Shop our full range here.

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How to choose your bike lock?

How to choose your bike lock?

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Bike Lock Options

Most cyclists have a preference for the kind of lock they choose for their bike and D locks remain popular due to the secure protection they provide. Our range of bike locks includes many D locks to choose from. Many brands offer D locks in different sizes to suit your bike’s frame and wheels.

Mini D Locks

Portability and ease of transport may be a key determining factor in your choice of bicycle lock. Mini and small D locks ensure you can easily carry your lock and attach it as required when out and about. Some locks can also be attached to the bike for transportation.

Bike Accessories

If you prefer a different style, our range also includes bike chain locks and other models of security lock. We’ve also got all the additional accessories you could need to keep your bike safe on the road including bike lights and bike kickstands so you can prop it up when you need to.

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