Cycling Jerseys and Tops

Cycling Jerseys & Tops

A specialised cycling jersey or top is designed with the specific movement of cyclists in mind. With anti-chafing seams & stretchy material, our cycling tops & jerseys help control temperature & moisture so you can ride in comfort.

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Cycling Jerseys

Find the perfect road cycling jersey for your next ride, an essential for maximising comfort with anti-chafing design and temperature control - so that you can enjoy the ride the way your bike intended! From mountain biking jerseys to simple cycling jerseys with long sleeves, we have a wide variety for you to choose from.

Winter Cycling Jerseys

For the coldest weather, we have some specific thermal cycling jerseys available, if you're really braving the elements we recommend having a look at cycling base layers too. If you opt for one of our popular black cycling jerseys we recommend considering some high vis for winter rides, to make yourself seen.

Cycling Tops

A road cycling top not only helps you ride in style but offers protection, with windshield and hi-vis options available. These pair well with our road cycling tights, so you're ready for a range of different temperatures.

Wherever you're off to and whatever the weather, make sure you have the right helmet to keep you safe, choose from- urban cycling helmets and our selection of road cycling helmets.

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