Commuter Bikes

Commuter Bikes

City bikes or commuter bikes are designed for the daily commute. Zipping through traffic and rolling through various terrain types. These bikes are a hybrid of road and mountain bikes and are designed to offer you a more comfortable ride.

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Riding around the city on a pristine set of wheels can be a great fun, as well as highly practical. At Decathlon we have a great collection of stylish urban bike models for men and women, ensuring you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city from the comfort of a stylish bike.

Women’s City Bike

Taking to the streets on a stylish ladies’ city bike with basket not only allows for a different view of your local area, but you can also put that basket to good use with a few stops at local shops. As well as great for leisure, city bikes are a great choice a commuter bikes, allowing you to get to work quickly, efficiently and without the growing cost of fuel.

City Bikes

If compact and modern design is your thing, our folding bikes are ideal for getting around the busy city streets. We’ve also got a growing selection of hybrid bikes that are perfect for mountainside weekend adventures, a quick clean up, and then your Monday morning commute.

Road bikes are purpose-designed for urban areas, so we like to keep our collection fully up to date with plenty of men’s city bike and women’s city bike designs to choose from. Different sizes and styles also ensure there’s a bike for everyone.

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