Bike Shocks

Bike Shocks

Rear suspension is found on full-suspension mountain bikes, and is commonly called the rear bike shock. The shock allows the rear wheel to soak up impacts, increasing rider control and decreasing fatigue.

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Bike shocks are rear suspension devices used on MTBs to absorb impact and keep the rear tyre in contact with the ground. They’re only found on full-suspension mountain bikes and help to handle more extreme and demanding terrain.

Decathlon has bike shocks from leading brands including Rockrider, Riverside, Manitou and more. If you’re looking to replace a worn out shock, you should be able to find a replacement from the same brand as your bike! We have MTB shocks available for a range of budgets, so if you’re looking to upgrade, you can discover some of the highest quality rear suspension.

Be sure to pair your bike shocks with a quality suspension fork to ensure front and rear impact absorption and maximum control.

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