Bike Saddles and Seat Covers

Bike Saddles & Seat Covers

Spend a lot of time on your bike? Invest in a comfortable bike seat. Some people prefer a more cushioned saddle, while others like a bit more room. Not sure what style you want? Pop into a Decathlon store and one of our experts can help.

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How to choose your bike saddle?

How to choose your bike saddle?

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Saddle Mountain Bike Sport 900 - Grey
Saddle Mountain Bike Sport 900 - Grey
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Whether you’re a recreational road biker or a seasoned cyclist, our comfortable road bike saddles allow for endurance and stability during each and every trip. They’re easy-fitting and easily-adjustable, allowing for optimal posture while cycling.

Keep an eye out for our gel padded saddle range; perfect for high-intensity cycling or bumpy terrain!


Be sure to compliment your new saddle with one of our saddle covers, which provides protection from adverse weather conditions. This maximises your saddle’s longevity and keeps it free from dirt and grime.

Whether you’re in the market for a replacement saddle or looking for something more-suited to your style of riding, you’ll find what you need with Decathlon.

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