Bike Pumps

Bike Pumps

No cyclist wants to get caught off guard without a bike pump. Hand pumps can be fixed to your bike's frame while foot pumps are great for road bikes. They’ll prove vital if you get a puncture!

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How to choose your bike pump?

How to choose your bike pump?

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Bicycle pumps come in two varieties: hand pumps and foot (or floor) pumps. Both have benefits and are better suited to certain bikes or situations. Hand pumps are smaller, which means they can be carried with you more easily, fitted to your bike’s frame or even tucked into a pocket. They are the best option for mountain bikes which want a lower tyre pressure.

Floor pumps, sometimes called foot pumps, are best suited for road bikes which require greater tyre pressure. They can inflate tyres quickly to 7 bars. They are, however, a bit more bulky than hand pumps so can be more difficult to carry with you while on the move.

In addition to both hand and foot pumps, we also have cartridges that can inflate road bike tyres to high pressure extremely quickly. They’re a great alternative to foot pumps when you’re on the road and need a fast, lightweight solution.

It’s always a good idea to pair a bike pump with a puncture repair kit so you’re never caught off guard!

We also have pressure gauge checkers that are helpful for preparing for rides or checking for small, slow punctures.

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