Bike Locks

Bike Locks

If you've invested in a good set up for your bike you'll want to keep it protected. Take a look at Decathlon's range of bike locks and other security options, including cable locks and foldable locks, for enhanced portability.

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How to choose your bike lock?

How to choose your bike lock?

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Protecting your bike should be a priority, especially if you dedicated time and care to its maintenance and upkeep. We stock an extensive range of high quality and secure bike locks to help ensure your bike has added protection when you need to secure it. Team your choice of reliable lock with one of our bike register kits and you have an added layer of protection for your wheels.

Bike Lock Chains

Chain locks are amongst the most popular bicycle lock options. They are portable, strong and robust. We stock a wide range of different bike chain locks to choose from, with different lengths and sizes to suit different bike frames. Bike D locks are another popular alternative, often chosen because they are easy to store on the frame of the bike when not in use and in a safe place like at home.

Bike Combination Locks

Many chain lock options feature a combination element. This adds a further degree of protection as you keep your combination private and only use it when unlocking your bike. We stock many leading brands of bike lock alongside additional accessories and items including bike racks for transport and bike stands for keeping your bike steady when stored away or at home.

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