Bike Forks

Bike Forks

A bicycle fork is the bit that holds the front wheel. It's basically two blades joined together, and it has a steerer tube that attaches the fork to the bike and handlebars so you can steer properly. So it's a pretty vital part! Need a new one? Our range of bike forks should be your first port of call.

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Road Fork

Bicycle forks are essential for steering and control. Be sure to check the measurements of your bicycle fork against your current bike when looking for a replacement or upgrade. This ensures the new fork will be the perfect fit.

Mtb Forks

Suspension forks can also add additional impact control for mountain bikers or BMXs. Decathlon have a wide range of forks from leading brands including B’twin, Workshop, Rockrider, Manitou forks and more. Our range of bike forks are also selected based on weight to ensure lightweight solutions for MTBs and road bikes. If you’re after a particularly lightweight option, then be sure to check the features and specifications of each product.

Suspension Fork

Suspension forks, or ‘shock forks’ are ideal for mountain bikes and off-road bikes. They help absorb impact to make the ride more comfortable and to give you greater control - both in dealing with heavy landings, as well as precise steering. Want even greater suspension? View ourbike shocksrange for rear options.

We have other replacement parts if you're looking to change elements of your bikes set up and improve the bikes fit for you as an individual, from bike frame spares and seat posts and clamps to bike handlebars and headsets.

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