Bike Chains

Bike Chains

Even when you keep them clean and oiled, regular riders will have to change their bike chain eventually. If yours keeps catching or snapping, why not invest in a strong and shiny new model to improve reliability.

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How to choose your bike chain?

How to choose your bike chain?

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When bike chains are kept in a good condition - out of the elements during storage and cleaned after encountering a lot of water, for example - they can last a long time. However, all bike chains get old eventually. If you’re ready for a replacement, we have a range of options to cater for different budgets.

If your bike chain often slips, catches or snaps, it could be time for a replacement. A new model can make cycling less stressful so you don’t have to worry about problems with your chain! If you’re chain frequently slips or comes off, it might be a problem with the cassettes so be sure to check your chain and gear system thoroughly before working out what needs repairing or replacing.

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