Cycling Shoes and Overshoes

Cycling Shoes & Overshoes

If you’ve ever had your foot slip off the pedal while cycling and hit your shins, you’ll understand the importance of the proper footwear for those who spend a lot of time on their bike. Here at Decathlon you’ll find a range of cycling shoes that covers multiple disciplines.

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Our range of road bike shoes feature options for both men and women. They’re durable and lightweight, offering a firm pedal grip alongside protection and comfort. With rigid soles and a snug fit, they add both speed and agility to your road cycling game.

They’re also designed with walking in mind, meaning you won’t have to change out of them during a well-earned pit stop!

Our overshoes are a great choice for adverse weather conditions. With water-repellent technology and wide openings, they’re quick and easy to slip into once the wind and rain hits.

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