Bike Helmets

Bike Helmets

It’s important to remain safe when cycling, and here at Decathlon you’ll find a range of cycle safety products including our extensive range of bike helmets. Lightweight and comfortable, we’ve got cycle helmets for adults and kids.

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How to choose your bike Helmet?

How to choose your bike Helmet?

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Within the Decathlon range you’ll find bike helmets for any cycling discipline including road bike helmets as well as mountain bike helmets and helmets suitable for your commute, meaning that there is something for everyone. No matter how confident a rider you may be, accidents can happen to anyone, so it’s important to take your own safety into account before heading out cycling on the roads or trails.

Alongside an extensive range of comfortable and lightweight adult bike helmets, you’ll also find a range of kids bike helmets to protect young riders who may not quite have the balance that mum and dad have.

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