Camping hammocks can offer the ultimate in camping luxury, or the ultimate in back to basics camping. Choose to add an outdoor hammock to the rest of your camping set up, or take your hammock and a tarp for a night under the stars.

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What kit do I need to go camping as a beginner?

What kit do I need to go camping as a beginner?

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Wild camping

If its a feeling of adventure and a night under the stars that you want, why not combine your portable hammock with a camping tarp for shelter and simply pitch up wherever your hike takes you. Your camping hammock will give you a comfortable nights sleep as you sway the night away.

A spot of luxury

If you’re looking to relax, then why not add a travel hammock your camping setup. All you need is a strong pair of trees and you’re ready to have a place to lounge, enjoy a book and soak up the sun. Decathlon offers a two-person hammock for a cute and cosy evening with a loved one, or a one-person hammock because sometimes it’s too good to share!

Our range of camping hammocks are lightweight and packable, meaning that they’re ideal to take with you on your next trip, whether you’re backpacking or taking the car.

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