Camping Mugs and Kettles

Camping Mugs & Kettles

Don’t miss out on your home comforts on your next camping trip - there’s nothing finer than that first cup of tea in the morning on a camping trip. Our range of camping kettles and mugs will have you set up and ready to tackle a day of adventuring.

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Ember Mug² Black 
Ember Mug² Black 
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Ember Mug² Black 

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Electric Camping Kettles

Thanks to Decathlon's range of electric camping kettles and camping mugs, you don't have to miss out on those important home comforts on your next camping trip. There's nothing better than a "brew with a view", and a camping trip wouldn't be complete with that morning cup of tea and the many cups after that. Decathlon's

Camping kettles can be boiled on your camping stove and are ideal for taking away on a camping trip with you. We even stock collapsible kettles that collapse entirely flat, making them extremely portable.

Along with a small camping kettle, you'll also need a camping cup for boiling water. Fortunately, you're in the right place. Decathlon has hardwearing camping mugs that will keep your drinks hot for longer. Our 2-handled, lightweight stainless outdoor mugs are extremely hard wearing, and our super lightweight plastic camping mugs can be fastened to your backpack for easy transportation. We even have smart mugs that allow you to set the precise drinking temperature you want. This unique mug will maintain your prefered temperature, so your coffee or tea will never be too cold or hot. However you like to take your tea or coffee, Decathlon has a great range of camping kettles and camping mugs that ensure your hot drinks are in ready supply while you're enjoying the great outdoors.

If the idea of pitching your tent puts you off camping, Decathlon's inflatable tents make setting up your camp a breeze. Rather than steel or fibreglass tent poles, inflatable tents have air-filled beams but are just as sturdy as a traditional tent. With an inflatable tent, you could pitch your tent in no time, and there's no risk of your tent poles breaking. Also, if you get a puncture, you can easily fix it as you would with a bike puncture. It's that easy.

Whether you want to kit your kids out with their own backpacks or plan to make some hiking trips, Decathlon's mini backpacks are a great idea. While they might be small, they can certainly fit in a lot of stuff for young hikers. Each of our backpacks has an assortment of pockets and compartments, making it easy for kids to keep their things safe while they're on the go.

Want to do something a little different on your next camping trip? Camping holidays don't have to just be about long hikes. There's an array of country sports you can take up during your camping break, from bushcraft and survival training, clay and target shooting, to bird watching. Our country sports range has everything you might need, including survival blankets, clay shooting belts, waterproof tarps, binoculars and more.

Something about eating outdoors during a camping trip feels extra special. Whether sharing a meal with your family, entertaining friends or dining solo, make sure you have all the camping cooking equipment you need to serve up a delicious camping feast. There are portable cook sets, camping stoves, pots and pans and other cooking essentials that will help you prepare a meal to remember.

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