Camping Cutlery Sets

Camping Cutlery Sets

Camping is all about maximising convenience, and with a camping cutlery set from Decathlon you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor meals without worrying about heavy cutlery taking up space in your bag. You can choose an individual camping spork or a full camping cutlery set, each option designed with your convenience in mind.

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12 camping meal, a campfire menu

12 camping meal, a campfire menu

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When it comes to outdoor living, we often sacrifice things like cutlery in the name of space when packing. Thanks to Decathlon’s camping spork selection - a unique hybrid of a spoon and a fork which is perfect for all types of meals - you needn’t worry about missing out on the comfort of cutlery while camping again.

As well as a selection of versatile camping sporks (including a set of 4 for the family), you can pick up a camping cutlery set which includes an individual knife, fork and spoon in a colourful plastic that is compact, easy to wash and pretty durable too.

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