Blackout Tents

Blackout Tents

Blackout tents usually describes tents with blackout bedrooms or darkened bedrooms. This relatively new technology has become very popular because it helps people sleep longer, rather than being woken by that bright early morning sunlight. On Quechua tents, this technology is called ‘Fresh&Black’, all of the tents that you see below feature Fresh&Black technology.

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What is Fresh&Black blackout tent technology?

If you’ve ever been camping whether on a campsite, or at a festival, you’re probably well aware of that early morning wake up call from bright sunlight, or summer heat. Black&Fresh technology developed over several years by Quechua is the answer to that problem.

Simply put, the ‘Fresh’ technology helps manage the heat, while the ‘Black’ technology gives you a darkened bedroom that is easier to stay asleep in past dawn.

These two technologies are combined into one four-layer fabric. The first two layers made of white polyester and titanium dioxide are designed to reflect the suns rays, the third layer made from lampblack absorbs the light, while the fourth layer made of aluminium protects you from the heat. This technology looks to help you get a better nights sleep by reducing the amount of light inside your tent and preventing the heat from getting too uncomfortable, making it ideal for family tents, festival tents or any situation where you’ll need a good nights sleep when camping.

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