Air Beds and Inflatable Beds

Air Beds & Inflatable Beds

Take your outdoor experience to the next level by introducing air beds to your camping experience. Adding a touch of home comforts and an affordable element of luxury to your camping routine, air beds will ensure that your tent feels like a home away from home without losing the excitement of getting up close and personal with the elements.

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Sleep on air when camping

It’s undeniable that experiencing the great outdoors up close is a thrill that’s hard to beat. However, an uncomfortable night’s sleep on hard ground or pointed stones and rocks can put a dampener on the magic. That’s why our high-quality selection of air beds are so incredibly popular - they allow you to experience the adrenaline and adventure of a real camping experience, but without compromising on your comfort.

Our inflatable mattress selection provides something for everyone. From single air bed options for a snug tent space or double air bed choices for double the fun, you can choose an inflatable mattress in a colour and style that suits you - and most importantly, for a price that suits you too!

As well as your typical air beds, we offer slimline camping mattresses for ease and versatility, camp beds and camp bed bases. We’ve even got a range of self-inflating mats, saving you a job at the end of a hard day’s hiking.

If you’re opting for a traditional air mattress which will need to be manually inflated, then an air bed pump is going to be an essential item for you too.

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