Air Bed Pumps

Air Bed Pumps

If you’ve opted to treat yourself to a little luxury by bringing an air bed on your camping trip - do yourself a favour and don’t forget your air bed pump! Air bed pumps allow you to quickly and easily inflate your air bed for a comfortable night’s sleep without having to manually huff and puff to do so.

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What are sleeping bag liners for?

Decathlon offers you three choices of air bed pump, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you and for your budget. You can choose from a foot pump, which attaches to your air bed and quickly and easily inflates as you step on the pump. A hand pump which will bring you the same results after repeatedly pulling the handle while the pump is attached to your bed, or an electric air pump which does all of the hard work for you, attaching to your bed and inflating itself without your input and providing you with the real treat of extra rest before your comfortable night’s sleep.

Pumps aren’t just for air beds, you’ll need a pump for your inflatable tent, paddling pools or other inflatable camping furniture too, making them a really useful bit of your camping kit.

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