Boxing Pads

Boxing Pads

Discover boxing pads that can take a punch! Whether you're playing the role of trainer or boxer, boxing mitts and kick shields are essential for practicing safely. They'll keep both sides protected and absorb powerful strikes. Shop now.

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Boxing pads and mitts are essential pieces of a training kit. They absorb the power of strikes to minimise the risk of injury to both trainer and boxer. We have both boxing mitts designed to be worn as hand protection, and large boxing pads for full body protection in boxing and kickboxing.

When looking to buy a boxing pad, look out for information on foam densities and cushioning. This is the key factor in how much impact the pad or mitt can take. Our range includes abrasion resistance technology to increase durability and the lifespan of the product.

Be sure to pair pads with quality boxing gloves and hand wraps to ensure you’re fully protected.

Many of our boxing pad products have undergone testing not just in the lab, but by experienced boxers so we can guarantee their quality.

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