Boxing Clothing and Shoes

Boxing Clothing & Shoes

When it comes to choosing boxing clothing, comfort and the ability to move easily is key. Decathlon has both loose-fitting and breezy, and close-cut and moisture-wicking for both training at the gym or getting in the boxing ring.

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Spar and sweat-proof kit


Boxing clothing needs to ensure that you can move comfortably and easily. Decathlon has both loose-fitting clothing and tighter, moisture-wicking outfits to suit both training and sparring contexts so you can feel equipped and ready to practise your boxing.

Our range includes Decathlon’s own Outshock line, made by boxing experts and tested in the ring. Our goal is to provide customers with high quality but affordable kit for all kinds of sports. It’s never been easier to get involved. We also have other leading boxing clothes brands including Adidas and Everlast.

In addition to clothing, we also have boxing boots and shoes so you can feel light on your toes and ready to spar.

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