Basketball Socks

Basketball Socks

Keep toes toasty, stop pesky new-shoe blisters and eliminate moisture with a pair of proper basketball socks. If you find yourself on the court often, look out for designs with comfortable cushioned soles - you'll really notice the difference. For extra support as well as warmth during the winter, pick a pair that reach your upper calves. Summer players might be happier with ones that stop around the ankle.

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Say goodbye to blisters

Everyone has different views on what kind of basketball socks you should wear, but for most it comes down to comfort. Remember that you’ll be running around a lot and jumping, so give your feet and ankles a little bit of support by picking out a good pair of socks.

Some people enjoy wearing multiple pairs of basketball socks but it’s not always necessary. It may prevent you from developing blisters, but ensuring you wear comfortable shoes is also important for this. If you are wearing new shoes, do some light exercise before playing an intensive basketball session to give your shoes time to shape around your feet.

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