Basketball Shorts

Basketball Shorts

A stretchy waist and longer, looser legs define basketball shorts, whether you're shopping for the kids or yourself. They're comfortable, easy to move (and shoot!) in, and most styles are crafted from a breathable material you won't overheat in. Ours come in a huge range of colours, and some are even reversible. Top tip: a base layer will prevent chafing, give you a bit support and security and make winter games more pleasant.

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Dunking's easy in these shorts

Longer and brighter than many other kinds of sports in team games, basketball shorts are generally made from polyester so that they are breathable and light, allowing players to jump. These shorts should keep you cool however intense the game gets. Decathlon stocks a range of practice and match basketball shorts, including the official game shorts of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers.

Take a look through the selection of basketball shorts available, with a full size range up to XXL for men, with women and kids sizes too. Browse through the selection for the best shorts for you.

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