Energy Gels

Energy Gels

Tubes of energy gel are an athlete-on-the-move’s best friend. Just pop one in your pocket or backpack pocket, and without having to stop, squeeze into your mouth and swallow – no need for water. They’ll help you keep going towards the finish line and aid recovery when you’re done.

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Re-energise on the go

Need a new way to get your fuel and fluids on board during those training sessions? Energy gels are convenient, compact and get you hydrated fast. Energy gels come in small sachets and can be taken along with water to get your hydration levels back up in moments.

At Decathlon we stock an impressive range of energy gels in a wide variety of flavours and textures so it's easy to find the one that works best for you. Whether you are in the gym, cycling hard or beating your running personal best, these energy gels will fit neatly in the palm of your hand ready for when you need them the most. We also stock energy drinks and energy bars.

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