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Speedo LZR Racer X High Waisted Jammer Red / Black
Speedo LZR Racer X High Waisted Jammer Red / Black
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Speedo LZR Racer X High Waisted Jammer Red / Black

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Swimming jammers and swim shorts are a key piece of performance swimwear for men and women alike. Designed with training in mind, these sleek-fitting trunks are perfect for swimming practice in lanes at the gym pool or lounging on the beach for some time off.

Swim Shorts

We have swimwear available for all levels of swimmers. Many swim shorts have a chlorine resistance system to keep them in pristine condition as you practice your laps in your local swimming pool. Pick from a selection of colours, sizes and top swim brands including Speedo and Adidas. We have a great range of swim shorts for men that can be found at affordable prices, making the pleasure of sport available to all.

Swimming Jammers

Swimming jammers are different from your conventional swim shorts in one main aspect; they are longer and provide more coverage for better protection against chafing and harmful UV rays when out in the open water or the swimming pool.

Find swim jammers that last you longer with unrivalled durability to boot, fitted with the stability you need to perfect your strokes using our elastane-free elastic fabric. And we’re all about comfort in finding your fit; with our range of intermediate swimming jammers, you can adjust the waist with the added drawstring so you can find your perfect fit while enjoying unlimited freedom of movement.

Our range of swimming jammers and swim shorts boast excellent stretchy material, covering men’s, women's and boy’s jammers to provide the kind of comfort only available here at Decathlon. Still prepping for your next swimming excursion? Check out our swimming aids for a little extra boost to your training.

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