A great way to escape calls and messages, or the internet without sacrificing your step counter, these pedometers will keep you on track while you walk, run or play sport. Hold it, wear it or pop it into your backpack and you’ll be able to see distance travelled and calories burned en route or when you get home.

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Keep an eye on your steps

Pedometers are mainly used to track one particular activity: walking. Practiced regularly, walking, is a sufficient way to keep fit, so the average daily minimum is 10, 000 steps. The pedometer will show you how many steps you do per day and how much more you have to do in order to reach the recommended minimum.

Small electronic devices, the pedometers, are only a few centimetres in width and height. There are different models. There are first those that can attach to a belt or slip into a pocket. Some pedometers, such as those made by Geonaute, record the distances done for 7 days and present them as a graph. This way you can better follow the progress made during the week.

Just as heart rate monitors, pedometers may take the form of digital watches. In addition to providing the time, they give the distance at any time. They thus support you in your activities throughout the day. Some of these devices have additional features such as the calculation of calories burned, stopwatch or alarm clock. As they record the results for 7 days in a roll, it is easier to follow your progress.

Some pedometers can also act as personal fitness assistants. Some models can analyse your sleep in addition to counting your steps and calories burned. As they are equipped with a USB port, you can connect them to a PC or tablet. They offer access to an online platform for long-term monitoring of your activities.

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