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Easy when taking bends thanks to the ski rocker.

Reference : 8343473

Boost 700 Piste Skis

Designed for expert skiers looking for high-performance and manageable skis for long days spent skiing. A good downhill skiing ski which enables variation of the bend radius thanks to the 13 m radius and moderate flex, not too limber nor too rigid.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available


WOODCORE TEC: Construction with wood core providing speed and power. Sandwich construction with vertical edges for perfect distribution of support.


Tyrolia bindings, PR11 (WZ 11) model, Full Diagonal activation ensuring safety, Din 3 to 11. Adjustable from 255 mm to 378 mm.Tyrolia bindings, SLR9 (ADIX 9) model, ensuring safety, Din 3 to 9. Adjustable from 255 mm to 338 mm.


Structured and reinforced tip end and topsheet.


Waxed and sharpened skis, ready to use. Edges sharpened at 89°

What is an arch?

When placing a ski on the ground, the ski points of contact on the ground are found near the tip and heel whereas the middle of the ski (under the attachments) is slightly raised (this is the arch).
The longer and higher the arch, the more high-impact and responsive the ski.
The lower, the more tolerant and manageable it is.

What is a rocker?

On a rocker ski, the tip (and sometimes the heel) come off the ground well before the ski arch. This shifts the points of contact towards the centre of the ski. The ski surface in contact with the snow immediately provides manoeuvrability and ease of handling on soft snow. When taking corners, the edge length provides grip on hard snow. The longer the rocker, the more manageable the ski.

Piste rocker

Small rocker facilitating approach to turns.

Guarantee : 2 Years
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