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RADBUG Bodysurfing Handplane board 100 pink


Colour : Fluo pink

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Designed to learn and progress in bodysurfing: The art of surfing the waves with your body. Waves <1m. Goes under your front hand. Fins recommended. Discover incomparable bodysurfing sensations thanks to this easy handplane adapted for all sizes. Lightens your body to better catch and control the waves.

Technical Information

What is bodysurfing?

Bodysurfing is a sport where you surf waves with your body. It is practised with a pair of fins and a handplane (only one handplane is required).

What is a handplane?

A handplane (also called a handboard) is a small board that goes under the bodysurfer's leading hand and makes it easier to glide and steer in the wave.
This handplane uses soft and lightweight materials to increase its buoyancy and make the bodysurfer lighter so that they can catch waves easier.
It has a rounded shape for better glide and improved directional control.
It can be adjusted to fit all hand sizes using the adjustable strap.

How to use a bodysurfing handplane: Moving and positioning yourself in the water.

Start by putting your front hand in the handplane's strap and adjust if necessary. Your propulsion is mainly provided by your fins. Once you are moving in the water, you can use the handplane by doing a front crawl stroke or by pushing on it with your arms out straight.

How to use a bodysurfing handplane: Catching and surfing a wave.

To catch a wave, position yourself facing the beach and kick your feet/fins vigorously, with your body outstretched, arms pointing forwards, and your hands resting on the handplane.
As soon as you catch the wave, move your entire body in line with the direction of the breaking wave (right or left). You then have the choice between keeping both hands on the handplane or moving your back arm down against your body, which should remain as streamlined as possible.

Which fins should you choose for bodysurfing?

Most bodyboarding fins are suitable for bodysurfing. For the best comfort-to-propulsion ratio, we recommend the OLAIAN bodyboard fins 500. They have the special feature of being symmetrical to get the most power from your knees when you kick. They also have fin leashes, a very important accessory to prevent you from losing them.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 1.

Bodysurfing is a fantastic sport that requires certain basic rules to be followed for the enjoyment and safety of all.
1- Ask about and observe the characteristics of the spot: current, rocks, tides, the size of the waves and the crowds, etc.
2- Don’t overestimate your level, and go for an easier spot if your skills aren’t on par with the conditions.
3- Use suitable equipment: Fins and handplane in good condition, suitable wetsuit.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 2.

4- Follow the wave priority rules: Priority is given to whoever is closest to where the wave is breaking.
5- Paddle around the surfing area as you return to the break.
6- Use fins. Otherwise, it is recommended to stay in the designated swimming area.
7- Do not bodysurf in waves that are breaking directly on the sand.
8- Protect your head if you wipe out, by trying to roll onto your side (never head first).
9- Bodysurf with friends.

Do not leave out in direct heat.

When not in use, do not expose your handplane to direct sunlight or temperatures above 40°C. As such, protect your handplane by putting it in a bag, under a beach umbrella, in the shade or under a light-coloured towel, so that it does not warm up. Never leave it in a car in direct sunlight. If the handplane is exposed to excessive heat, blisters or bubbles could form, or it could even warp.


RADBUG is the Decathlon brand dedicated to bodyboarding and bodysurfing.
Our ambition is to enable the greatest number to enjoy the incredible sensations you feel when bodyboarding and bodysurfing.
This sensation of gliding when in contact with the wave is pure, exhilarating and addictive.
We have set ourselves the mission of enabling everyone to get started and make progress by offering products that are easy to use and innovative.

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Composition / advice

100.00% Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Main fabric
100.00% Polyéthylène (PE)
Lower Part - Main Fabric
100.00% Polyethylene High Density (HDPE)
100.00% Rubber - Chloropren (CR) - Neopren
Stock advice Do not leave in the heat when not in use. Rinse and dry in the shade after use.
Restricted use : Waves <1m. Fins recommended.

Our commitments

Test Product Developed and tested by our design teams of bodysurfing fanatics in Hendaye, France. The components used for this product are laboratory tested to ensure the best possible quality and durability.
Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Ergonomic grip Adjustable strap to slide your front hand.
Stability Lighten and direct your body in the wave. Volume adapts to all sizes.
Compact design Volume = 2.5L. Fits in a backpack. Fins recommended.
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