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GEOLOGIC French Billiards Table BT 700 FR

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Are you a French billiards player who wants to improve with every carom point? This billiards table was made for you. Looking for a French billiards table to improve your carom score? Opt for this high-quality table and take advantage of its adjustable, fold-down feet to save space.

Product benefits

Compact design Compact billiards table, 1/3 competition size, with fold-down feet for storing.
Ease of use Your table comes fully assembled, just unfold the legs to play!
Precision High-quality play thanks to its fast felt and 2 stringers.
Easy assembly / dismantling Assembly time? 0 min. Just adjust the table to the desired height.

Technical Information


Your BT 700 FR table arrives assembled in a single box measuring 105 cm high, 188 cm long, 17.5 cm deep, and 215 cm in diagonal. Your full BT 700 FR kit weighs 70 kg.
The kit does not include balls or cues.


To set up your BT 700 FR:
1. Unfold the legs.2. Adjust them to the same height (we recommend halfway up)
3. Turn the wheels to stabilize the feet.
4. Turn the table over (at least 2 people needed), taking care not to put pressure on the feet.
5. If necessary, adjust the feet to the desired height.
6. Ensure the table's flatness with its adjustable feet.
Now what? Your turn to nail it!
*User guide included in your pack.


Your BT 700 FR adjusts to 3 heights. To us, billiards is not restricted to a certain age group. This means, among other things, that the table should adapt to the player's heightYou can adjust the height of this table to:
- 70 cm, perfect for kids (8 and up)
- 80 cm, for adults. This is the standard height of a French billiards table.
- 90 cm, suitable for taller players or those who'd rather not have to bend down.


Your BT 700 FR billiards table weighs 65 kg.
And just the table? It is 183 cm long and 102 cm wide with a playing surface measuring 70 x 140 cm. The cushions are 37mm high while the bed's thickness is 18mm.
Carom billiards tables measure 3.10 m long (1.60 m wide) in billiards competitions. Your BT 700 FR billiards table is a third of the size of competition tables, which makes it easier to play when learning.


The bed is made from a medium density wood fibre composite called Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). This design choice makes the table light, flat, smooth, and durable. We drew inspiration from aeronautics (see Unique features) by adding stringers underneath the bed to further reinforce it, render it less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and help the bed withstand the weight it often supports during practice.

Unique features: stringers

In the design of longitudinal frames on aeroplane wings, stringers, coupled with the fuselage's ribs and frame, stiffen the structure to support pressure and deformations. Following the same idea, we have added metallic stringers and longerons underneath the bed. A reinforced frame prevents the drooping that occurs on tables lacking a good structure, including slate tables.

Your table's added benefits

Your billiards table includes sights (called "diamonds") on the frame for improved accuracy. The feet adjust to different surfaces and are metal. The stainless steel corners are reinforced and round for improved safety.

What play space do you need to play comfortably?

You have to feel comfortable to play billiards, and this largely depends, among other things, on the playing area. The best way to delimit this area is to have the length of a billiards cue (1.45m) on each side of your table And you must provide for an extra 5cm for your stroke (the back and forth motion of the cue before your hit).
In a nutshell? You need 19.5 m² for the BT 700 FR billiards table (or 483 x 402 cm).

What is French billiards?

French billiards (also called carom billiards) stands out in that it uses a pocketless billiards table and three balls. Moreover, you always play with the same ball. Let us explain:
You start the game with one of the two white balls, which are differentiated by a marker (in some cases, one of the two balls is yellow). The goal is to use your ball to strike the two others. Each time you succeed, you score a point and can play again.


Unlike many other opinions, billiards really is a sport! And an accuracy sport in this case.
Take some time finding a stable position to become more comfortable and be able to successfully repeat an accurate movement.
Finally, rather than rely on luck and circumstance, depend on strategy, accuracy, and success.
Got it? Visualise your shots and dare to shoot at the pack to see what you can get :)

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Composition / advice

80.00% Wood, 20.00% Stainless Steel
80.00% Wood, 20.00% Stainless Steel
100.00% Wood
100.00% Polyester
100.00% Rubber - Synthetic
Adjustable foot
80.00% Stainless Steel, 20.00% Rubber - Synthetic
Stock advice We recommend keeping your table in a dry place, away from dust and sunlight.We also do not recommend putting heavy objects on top of it.
Restricted use : The felt cannot be replaced!

Our commitments

Approved by Jonathan Dhalleine (6x Hauts-de-France R1 champion) "This table is perfect for training, you can practise draw, follow, masse, and break shots... without any issues. And now, you can practise for competitions at home. " And Aurore Bellens (3x French Champion) "This table is just as suitable for beginners as it is for more seasoned players. It is finally easy, and affordable, to train and play French billiards at home."
Test Product Tested by greats in the sport, by the best clubs, and members of the French Billiards Federation. The BT700 FR billiards table was also tested during the "Billard Masters Lausanne".
Guarantee : 2 Years

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