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Our engineers have designed this reel for carp fishers looking for a simple, practical reel for catching their first fish. This reel is great for long range casting thanks to its long cast profile. Its double drag baitrunner and combat system makes combat easier.

Technical Information

Technical information

- Capacity: 645 m/ 0.25mm - 450m/ 0.30mm - 330m/ 0.35mm
- Weight: 575 gr
- Graphite body and rotor
- Forged aluminium spool
- Line retrieval: cross-wound
- Precise front drag with 8 kg (17.6 Lbs) casting weight.
- Ratio: 4.8:1
- Line retrieval per crank turn: 79 cm
- It consists of 3 ball bearings + 1 needle bearing. The latter provides an infinite anti-backlash role eliminating any return of the reel.
- The reel is left- or right hand wind.

What is the line retrieve per crank and ratio?

The reel's crank winder (TMV) is the average length in centimetres of line per crank turn.
The Long Distance Baitrunner has a line retrieval per crank turn (TMV) of 79 cm. For example, if you are fishing at 100 m, you will need to turn the crank 126 times.
A reel ratio corresponds to the number of times the spool turns when you turn the crank. Example: For a ratio of 5.8: 1, the spool spins 5.8 times per crank

Full power ahead!

When reeling in a carp, the latter exerts a force of tension on the reel. The reel must be able to resist while remaining reliable. Drag power is referred to in kg.
The Long Distance Baitrunner has a casting weight of 8 kg, represented by the maximum force extended on the crank, which is more than sufficient for combat with the largest specimens.
For example, in an extensive combat during which you need to exert drag on the fish, the necessary resistance rarely exceeds 2.

What is a baitrunner reel?

The baitrunner reel has 2 drags.
- The front drag. This is the drag that is used during combat. It self-activates during combat with a fish as soon as you start to reel in. It allows you to control the tension power exerted by the fish at the end of the line.
- The second drag is located at the back of your reel. It is activated using the switch on the back. The baitrunner drag is used to regulate drag tension when the rod is positioned on the rod pod.

What are the benefits of a baitrunner reel?

A baitrunner reel allows you to regulate the drag between the drag at the start and the drag required during combat. You can move between one and the other very quickly with the first crank turn.
You are therefore able to anticipate by regulating the drag rate for combat before the carp sets off. However, the baitrunner reel combined with the front drag increases the overall weight of your reel.

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Composition / advice

70.00% Polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6), 30.00% Glass - Fiber (FG)
100.00% Aluminium
Stock advice Rinse in fresh water and dry after using in the sea.Oil the mechanism once a year.

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Distance The long cast spool is particularly suited to long range casting.
Bearing smoothness 3 + 1 ball bearings for very smooth action.
Power Micrometric front drag with casting weight of 8 kg.
Control Fee spool rear drag and front combat drag.

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