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All Quechua
backpacks come with
a 10 year warranty
so that you can
enjoy adventures
to the full.
The Tests
In order to guarantee the durability of the backpacks and issue a 10-year warranty, they are tested both in the laboratory and in real conditions. In fact, we are confident that they meet the requirements of even the most demanding hikers.
zip openings
vertical impacts
tests on abrasive ground
under genuine conditions
user comfort
The design
When designing the bags, our designers and product managers oversee everything in order to provide a high quality product at an affordable price.
Dominique Thomas
Product Manager
"Creating the best products to satisfy hikers"
The backpack
for the day
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Bags suitable
for several days
Discover the products
Discover the products
Our backpack
How do I adjust
my backpack?
Before setting off hiking, it is essential that you know how to adjust your backpack. Bag adjustment varies dependent on the amount of clothing layers you are wearing and it is important to always find the best balance for maximum comfort.
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How do I pack
my backpack?
You've got your hiking gear together! But when it comes to packing your bag, you ask yourself what to pack first and how to best use the space. See our solution in detail and images.
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Essentials when preparing
your backpack
Alongside its Mountain Guide partners, Quechua provides a list of essentials to pack in your backpack.
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This bag has covered 12,104 km
since 1990