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Looking for a simple way to stay visible when running at night? With four flashing LEDs and a dynamo system, which means it lights up when you move without the need for batteries, the Motion Light is your solution. Simply clip it onto an armband, pocket or belt and go.
  • Flashing LEDs that are easy for drivers to spot
  • Eco-friendly
  • No need to charge or find fresh batteries

Product benefits

Visibility Stay visible to drivers at night with 4 flashing red LEDs.
Autonomy Your light is always ready: the LEDs need no batteries to work.
Eco-design Reduce your environmental impact: no batteries required!
Waterproof resistant to rain (IPX4) but cannot be submerged under water

Technical Information

A lamp with no batteries? How does that work?

Do you understand the dynamo principle on a bike?
The Motion Light works in the same way but through an oscillating movement: at each stride, the magnet moves into the coil and generates the electricity which lights the 4 red LEDs.
The result? A simple and practical running light. No need for batteries or even an On/Off button: just wear it and it will light up at each stride!

Life span and autonomy, this is a light that you will have for a while:

Thanks to its dynamo system, the Motion Light does not need any batteries. A plus for the environment... and for your pocket:
We have tested this light in our laboratories to ensure that it will still work after 10 million oscillations, i.e. 10 million strides.
10 million strides. Sound good? If you consider that you travel 1 metre per stride, that means a lifetime of over 10,000 km. If you run 1,000 km per year, that means 10 years.

What lies behind the design of the Motion Light?

The Motion Light clip has been designed to be attached to thin running clothes: on a loop, pocket, belt, etc. And to give you even more choice, the light comes with an adjustable elastic armband.
We have chosen red LEDs because it is a colour we associated with break lights and slowing down. The light can be seen from 100 m, which gives a car driving in urban areas enough time to stop.
It weighs only 50 g and comes in a transparent case!

Our design team spills the beans on the development of the Motion Light

The origins of this product can be found in a simple desire: "we wanted to innovate to remove electronic limitations when running."
It then took a team of 3 people, 18 months of development, endless discussions with runners and a commitment: "we were brave enough to say: we are going to make a battery-free product."
And after a great number of prototypes, we are proud to offer this simple and practical light.
"Our idea was that you would run and we would handle all the rest."

A final tip before setting out?

Gilles, product manager and Lucie, designer, have some tips for running at night:
"It is important to be visible. Especially when running at night in places where you share the road with vehicles a lot bigger than you! In the end, you need to be visible more than to see. Just as you put your shoes on before running, don't forget your light."
And for even greater safety?
"Ideally, don't run alone" :)

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Composition / advice

75.00% Polycarbonate, 05.00% PCBA, 10.00% Neodyme, 10.00% Copper
90.00% Polyethylene, 10.00% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Stock advice After use, store the light to prevent any unintentional movements. For example, do not leave it in the boot of your car, to stop the light from coming on needlessly.

Our commitments

Test Product In lab tests, this lamp worked for over 10 million oscillations.
Guarantee : 2 Years

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