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DOMYOS Strength and Cross Training Weighted Vest - 10 kg

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Take your cross-training and weight-training workouts to the next level by wearing this Domyos weighted vest while you work out. With a starting weight of 6 kg, the vest can be made heavier using up to four 1 kg plates distributed evenly across the clothing. Designed with a fitted cut to provide freedom of movement, it has adjustable straps and hooks to keep it in place.
  • Increases intensity of workouts
  • Flexible, stable and secure
  • Easy to adjust for a comfortable fit

Product benefits

Stability Weight is evenly distributed and adjustable straps help keep the vest in place.
Flexibility Adjust the weight using the 4 x 1 kg plates added to the 6-kg vest weight
Freedom of movement Vest features a fitted cut so you don't have to compromise freedom of movement.
Anatomic design Adjustable straps and hooks for a perfect fit.
Ergonomic grip Adjust the weight easily using the weight plate handles.

Technical Information

Why wear a weighted vest for strength training, cross training or bodybuilding?

The weighted vest allows you to increase the difficulty and boost the effectiveness of your bodyweight exercises. Do you prefer doing functional exercises without carrying weights, want to boost your WODs or do strength training to work on specific areas alongside another sport? This weighted vest adapts to all your needs to improve the results you get on all your exercises.

How to use your weighted vest

The benefit of wearing a weighted vest is that you can perform exercises with the weight distributed between the front and back of the chest. A few exercises you can do:
- Dips: to work your triceps, shoulders and pecs.
- Pull-ups: to tone your biceps and back.
- Muscle-ups to work the entire chest.
- And for the thighs? We suggest doing squats with one or both legs.

Adjust your weighted vest in three steps

For the best fit, adjust the hooks at the back: the closer they are to the centre of the back, the snugger the vest will be around the waist.
Next, adjust the shoulder straps according to your upper body for good support during your workout.
Finally, put on your vest and tighten the rip-tabs at the front waist.
Take the time to properly adjust your vest before starting for a smoother workout

6 kg or 10 kg? How to choose:

Your vest weighs 6 kg without any weights. It comes with 4 x 1 kg plates that you can insert at the front and back for a total weight of 10 kg.
Why? Because a weight of 6 kg corresponds to the RX for women's cross training WODs while 9 kg weight corresponds to the RX for men's cross training WODs.
This means you can adjust your weighted vest to all your needs, whether for strength or cross training!
The vest is not designed or approved for weight of more than 10 kg.

Designed with performance in mind:

- The 1 kg plates feature a handle for an easier grip.
- The vest's fitted cut helps keep it from slipping during your exercises.
- The adjustment straps are made of elasticated fabric: you can still breathe while your vest stays snug!
- The shoulder straps allow you to adjust the fit in a flash during your workouts.
- The plates are designed in a compact shape for a lower press-up position.

A note from our design team on the story of the 10 kg Weighted Vest:

"We started completely from scratch with this product. We wanted to make something that was comfortable and practical but that really stood out. It's something that our product team has been working on at Domyos for a while. This helped us make a lot of improvements. The weighted vest was then tested in CrossFit boxes and at the Domyos Club."

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Composition / advice

50.00% Sand, 50.00% Iron
Complementary parts
100.00% Steel
100.00% Polyoxymethylene
100.00% Polyethylene
Main fabric
100.00% Polyester
100.00% Polypropylene
Care instructions: Dry after each usage.
Washing instructions
Do not wash
Do not wash
Do not bleach
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not iron
Do not dry-clean
Do not dry-clean
Stock advice Leave to dry after training
Restricted use : Not suitable for professional use

Our commitments

Test Product Approved in use in the field by strength and cross training enthusiasts. The weighted vest stood up to the "MURPH", the iconic cross training WOD. Recommended by our ambassadors.
Guarantee : 2 Years

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